Attract Women With Pheromone Colognes
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Pheromone colognes have been getting more and more popular lately. About five years ago I read about the seductive power of human pheromones, skeptical at first I started to experiment with a few pheromone colognes and quickly saw the amazing effects they have. Pheromone colognes greatly improved my success with women to the point where they became my secret seduction weapon. Currently I own more than 25 different pheromone colognes and I decided to create this site so I can share my 5 years of experience with them. I hope this site inspires you to get into the world of pheromone colognes and you’ll quickly see the power they have. Check out the video below for a real life experiment with pheromone colognes by ABC.
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What are pheromones?

Pheromones are natural chemicals produced by the body, they are used to subconsciously send communicational signals with others around you. Scientists from the universities of Colorado and Utah have found that human pheromones are detected through the vomeronasal organ (VNO) in the nose. The VNO functions as the distinct sensory organ that detects human pheromones. Naturally the human body produces pheromones through sweat. These pheromone molecules when sensed by women subconsciously trigger an undeniable emotional response in the woman’s brain. That response arouses women, it draws their attention and brings sexual emotions and desire. Pheromones can also break the ice between two people allowing women to approach men more easily.

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Do pheromones really work?

The amazing effects of pheromones were first discovered by Dr. David Berliner while working at University of Utah with natural compounds produced by the human skin. After that many studies have been performed to research and better understand pheromones. Some important ones were performed by the University of Chicago, where researchers establish the first scientific proof for human pheromones. Another important study was performed by the University of California Berkeley where scientists discovered that the pheromone molecule Androstadienone causes hormonal as well as physiological changes in women. To read more about how pheromones work, check out the pheromone studies page where you can find links to more than fifteen different pheromone studies.

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What to expect from pheromones?

When you wear pheromone colognes you may notice small behavioral changes and indicators of interest from people exposed to them. We call these indicators of interest ‘hits’ and they can be classified in two categories: simple and blatant.

Simple ‘hits’ are: More looks, more smiles, more compliments, people showing proximity, increased conversations, inviting body language. Blatant hits are: Woman just staring at you, woman hover around you, woman touching you, flirt and sexy talk, sexual interest in you.

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