puremones review

Puremones have a good selection of men’s, women’s and unisex products. Best thing about PureMones is that all their products cost only 24.97, which is as cheap as it gets in the pheromone market. Another thing I like about them is that all their products are odorless and can be worn standalone without any cover cologne.

I’ve tested two of their products: Pure Trust and Pure Passion.

Pure Trust is their unisex social product. I’ve noticed that after I wear it for some time I see some mood elevation and calming feelings. It is a great product to wear to work or around friends, people will feel more relaxed and open to you.

Pure Passion is their sexual product and contains Androstenone. It does not smell bad like some of the other products that contain Androstenone and it is not overly sexual and dominant too. It’s a smooth formula, good for dates or a night out.

Overall PureMones is a decent company with really affordable products, it’s a great choice for beginners in the pheromone world.

Number of Mens Products: 6

Price Range: 24.97$

Scent: Unscented

Favorite Sexual Product: Pure Passion

Favorite Social Product: Pure Trust

My Rating: 4 / 5

List Of Products:

Pure Passion
Pure Icebreaker
Pure Feel
Pure Macho
Pure Trust
Pure Success
Pure Flirt
Pure Love
Pure Temptation