Sex Pheromone Colognes

Sexual pheromone colognes contain high amounts of Androstenone, which is a very potent and sexual pheromone molecule. Sexual pheromones will turn on women and spark their sexual interest. You’ll see increased attention, proximity and sexual behavior. They are best used when you want to attract women at bars, clubs, parties, etc.
hax pheromones

Holy Grail by Hax Pheromones is a new product, but it gained one of my top ranks really fast. The reason is that it contains 10 different pheromone molecules plus Oxytocin and Copulins. The added Oxytocin helps to create bonding and trust between two people, while the Copulins smelled by women create fast arousal. It projects a smooth sexual aura that comforts women and sparks their sexual interest. I’ve noticed that women see me in more sexual way and are not scared to show it. I’ve seen more smiles, inviting looks, proximity and touching. I also had success in breaking the “best friends” barrier with a female friend of mine. My female coworkers seem to like it too and I’ve seen increased sexual attention and some naughty talk. It has been easier to escalate to the next level with that added sexual spark. It can also be used right before having sex to spice things up. My usual application is two sprays on the neck, it lasts for around six hours.

My Rating: 10/10
Specs: 30ml Spray. For Day/Night Use.
Dosage: 2-4 sprays. Lasts for around 8 hours.
Where to wear: Wear at any occasion, universal sexual formula.
Summary: Holy Grail crates sexual spark, breaks “best friends” barrier, women show proximity, women touch you, women talk naughty, best all in one.
Aqua Vitae Pheromone

Aqua Vitae is my favorite cologne to wear when I’m going out to bars, clubs, parties, etc. The simple reason is the great projection it has, no other pheromone cologne has the distance and speed of projection like it. It’s the most sexual formula that I own and it projects very fast, I’ve gotten ‘hits’ from it just by walking around. It projects masculinity and sexuality and has great arousal effect on women. I’ve seen a lot of smiles, stares and inviting language. It’s the best pheromone cologne for meeting new women and it works wonders in night venues. It contains high amounts of Androstenone, which is a very potent and sexual pheromone molecule. Androstenone has great arousal effects on women while it also makes other men more respectful. The bottle itself has a roll on top and you need to roll it on your skin in order to apply. Start with a small amounts since it’s a potent formula. My sweet spot is to roll three inches on both sides of my neck right before going out. I have the scented version which can be worn instead of your cologne.

My Rating: 9/10
Specs: 30ml Roll On Bottle. Scented/Unscented. For Night Use.
Dosage: 2-6 inches from the roll on bottle. Lasts for around 6 hours.
Where to wear: Wear at night venues like bars, clubs, parties, etc.
Summary:  Aqua Vitae is the most sexual pheromone cologne, it has great projection, creates fast attraction, makes women open to you, makes guys respectful, best for night venues.
Which pheromone colognes have you tried? How do you rate them? Send me your feedback. I update this page based on feedback.
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